The fashion industry has become one of the most dynamic sectors in the world. Generates millions of euros a year, has its own needs, does not escape challenges in its value chain. Many of their practices today and in some cases has been debated and generated controversy about sustainability and the good image of the industry.

Conflicts sector, new market requirements, care for the environment, corporate social responsibility, hard business competition, new technologies and increasing counterfeiting, all this represents new challenges for which industry increasingly aware of this requires specialized professionals in the sector.

Under that scenario and being an industry that generates significant income and source of employment, a general treatment is not supported, it is not feasible to continue ignoring the need for expertise in this area, as well as in other fields such as sport, the fashion industry specialization is also necessary.



This specialization addresses the right and fashion in a multidisciplinary way approaching it from many perspectives, allowing a better fit the specific needs required by the industry. Develop a complementary and specific skills that allow train a specialist, practical and comprehensive advisor with a generalized view of the fashion business, but with a focus on the legal implications in the management of the industry.



Mode: Face

Language: Spanish

Duration: October to July

Total Program Hours: 500

Class schedule: Monday-Thursday 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Duration of the internship: 6 months

Registration: 10,500 euros


The School

"Fashion is the best tool to help us dream"
Giorgio Armani

Aliter is an innovative boutique business school with more than 16 years of experience. Founded in 1999, it has emerged as an educational benchmark. Its distinctive cutting-edge renovating programs are aimed at meeting society’s and business current and future needs. It implements a highly practical methodology through programs that work as a link between the university and the work field.

The school stands out for being an educational pioneer in the biotechnology, nanotechnology, wine tourism, and corporate social responsibility fields. It has also pioneered the combination of International Relations and Foreign Commerce into one master’s degree program. It has ranked first in the Spanish El Mundo newspaper’s universities ranking for nine consecutive years with its master in Biotechnology and the master in International Relations and Foreign Commerce. The school also has a higher education program for female leaders praised by the variety of women in the national and international business sector who have taken it.

In this opportunity, Aliter once again sets an educational trend with a new master’s degree in Law and Fashion, innovating education by being the first program implemented under the modality, number of hours, and complexity of a master’s degree program of this nature in Spain, aimed at training the best specialists that companies, lawyer’s firms, and the fashion industry at large want to include in their work teams due to their excellence and degree of specialization.

Fashion Law Institute

"Fashion is instant language"
Miucca Prada